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Getting your timing right is always key for any investor or trader: it doesn’t matter if you’re managing a hedge fund, proprietary funds, managed accounts or a personal account, or if you’re trend following, swing trading, day trading or scalping. Our market timing software includes dozens of powerful indicators and predictors that generate short term signals on 1 and 5 minute charts, swing trade signals on 60-240 minute charts, and intermediate to long term trend changes on daily, weekly and monthly charts for futures contracts, currency pairs, equities and equity ETFs. Using just 3 of these indicators, back-tested results show a statistical edge of 24%, increasing the probability of an average short term trade or long term investment from 50% winners / 50% losers to 74% winners / 26% losers. Many of these indicators also help to both limit losses on bad entries as well as extend gains by avoiding premature exits.

Key Features

Our market timing software contains dozens of indicators and predictors, all of which are provided to each of our customers. A brief description of the four most popular indicators are provided below.

ExtremeHurst™ – Demystifying the Beginning and End of Trends

ExtremeHurst™ identifies the beginning and end of trends. Compression signals predict when new trends are about to begin, and price exhaustion signals indicate when trends are coming to an end. These signals tend to be statistically significant for 15-25 bars: approximately an hour on a 5 minute chart, a day on 60 minute chart, a few weeks on a daily chart, a few months on a weekly chart, or a few years on a monthly chart. Examples of compression and extension signals are provided on the right (click to enlarge).

PriceMemory™ – Identifying Key Support and Resistance Levels

PriceMemory™ displays historically significant support and resistance levels and attempts to identify when these levels will hold and when they will break. It serves as a tool to both validate extension signals (when top signals results in breaks of support and bottom signals result in breaks of resistance) and compression signals (new trend breakout and breakdown levels), as well as provides key level around which to place or adjust stops.

SmartChannel™ – Automating the Drawing of Channels

SmartChannel™ automatically draws channels on your charts, and adds indicators to the channel. The channel line thickness varies by the number of contacts made. The more price points that touch a line, the thicker the line is drawn. Channels are colored red for bearish channels and green for bullish ones. Channels are also rated by how volatile price is within the channel by comparing the average ranges to the same length period immediately preceding the channel.

PriceWizard™ – Calculating Fundamental Analysis

PriceWizard™ is a set of neural networks through which fundamental data is processed each month to find any stock’s intrinsic price. This is best used as a stock-screening tool as stocks which are undervalued with price increasing and valuation increasing usually offer the best advantage. The chart below provides a good example of how PriceWizard can also help identify when price moves too far away from its fair value and forms a bubble.

Cisco Systems PriceWizard Chart

Real Science Applied To Financial Markets

Our market timing software was the result of decades of research and development by Parallax Financial Research, Inc. It harness the Hurst exponent in a powerful algorithm that detects extreme investor behavior: unstable points in financial markets where trends begin and end. The very same science is found throughout nature and is used to predict patterns of aftershocks following an earthquake, ash dispersion when volcanoes erupt, and the ebb and flow of rivers. The narrated presentation below provides a step by step explanation of exactly how it works.

Delivered To Your Desktop Or Over The Cloud

There is only one other market timing system in the world that uses similar technology (developed by Didier Sornette) and it requires a supercomputer. Our market timing software works on any standard PC, and is now available for remote access via cloud-based servers.

Non-institutional traders and investors (or professionals with under $1M AUM) can subscribe to the cloud-based service below. Institutions and professionals with more than $1M AUM should contact us for pricing information.

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Extremehurst™, PriceMemory™, SmartrChannel™ and PriceWizard™ are registered Trademarks of Parallax Financial Research.