• Unique Market Timing Software

    Just imagine if you had software which generated a real time signal for you back in 2002 that the stock market was bottoming, and then generated another one that the market was topping back in 2007, and then another one that it was bottoming again in late 2008 and early 2009? Stop imagining. Our market timing software actually did it. And it’s not just for long term trend changes: every day it generates hundreds of shorter term day and swing trading signals.

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    Unique Market Timing Software

  • Market Timing Signals Service

    Subscribers receive a daily newsletter providing an analysis of the most significant signals generated by our market timing software. A focus is placed on equity, commodity, and currency futures and ETF products as well as many popular and high-momentum stocks. Newsletters are delivered 4-5 times per week via email and access to a private Twitter feed is included for real-time day trading and swing trading signals.

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    Market Timing Signals Service